Lifestyle Photography


College Besties Graduate Together with Their Education Degrees!

I’m all about traditional looking-at-the-camera-and-posing. But what I really love is getting a little adventurous! (Keep reading.) In addition to traditional family sessions, I also offer Lifestyle Family Sessions. They are so much fun, your family will hardly remember they're being photographed! 

You only have 18 summers with your children. Make them count.

We will spend your session time documenting something you love to do with your family. And I will direct you with prompts that help you interact with your loved ones in a genuine and authentic way.

Is your family's favorite pastime meeting on the couch for epic tickle fights?! If your family shares a tradition of going out for ice-cream on lazy Saturday afternoons, I'll be a fly on the wall to document those cherished memories. A day at the lake? I'm there.

Even if you're thinking, "You don't understand, my family is boring. All we do is hang out at our house." Believe me, I can totally relate to that, but life doesn't have to be planned-to-the-minute to be beautifully and uniquely yours! Wherever your family is happiest, thats where I'll be.

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything.
— Michael J. Fox