Why You Should Schedule Your Senior Pictures Early | Poplar Bluff Senior Photographer

Let me hit you with a common scenario...

"Summer is too hot."

"Fall is too busy."

"Winter is too cold."

"Oops, it's April, graduation is in 3 weeks, I guess I better hurry up and book my senior pictures so that I can get them back in time to mail out invitations." *cue crossed out eyes, dead face emoji*

Countless seniors let this scenario take place because they aren't planning for all the different variables involved. 


  1. Many of your favorite photographers will be fully booked by the time Spring rolls around. And March/April/May is your photographers busiest time of the year.
  2. Don't forget that most photographers have a 2-4 week turn around on hand editing images.
  3. Once you receive your images you'll need to plan for a week to have your images printed and shipped to you.
  4. Then you have to turn around and stuff 80 pictures into 80 envelopes and lick and stamp and address (and you know you're going to procrastinate on this part).
  5. And then your invitation has to get to the recipient in time for them to block out your graduation on their calendar and make the time to come. 

All of this means that you should have you graduation portraits booked at the very latest by the first week of March

"Well then when in the world am I supposed to schedule my Graduation Pictures?!"

Summer is NOT too hot! 

Most sessions will be scheduled for the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not as hot. Don't worry about your make up melting, we calculate in plenty of time for touch ups. It's also possible to plan part of your session in an indoor location.

Fall is NOT too busy!

We'll maybe it is. But you can make time! Because fall is a gorgeous time of year and usually a wonderful temperature.

Winter is NOT too cold!

We can work around the snow or we can embrace it! Some of the most gorgeous shoots I've ever seen have been in the snow/colder months. If you don't do the cold, we can also find indoor locations with big beautiful windows to let in all the natural light. 

You have no excuse for waiting to the last minute to book your senior pictures.

And if you do...you're likely to find your favorite photographer already booked. Or you're just going to cause both you and your photog a lot of undue stress. 

Schedule your Senior Pictures ASAP, even if its not with me!


Blog written by Jennifer Kreager, Owner at Artist By Heart Photography LLC your Premier Birth and Family Photographer