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It all started with a tasty lunch at Lemonade House Grill (as do most good things in Poplar Bluff!)

Actually I’m fairly sure it began a good 7 months before that. ;) But my friendship with Kelsey started out strong over a basket of mozzarella sticks. Kelsey had been in love with documentary style birth photography for years and just knew she wanted Birth Photography of her own. I could feel she was serious, but I insisted that we meet up so that she could make sure we were a good fit. Birth photography is intimate and the circumstances cause a unique vulnerability and you need to know you're working with someone you can trust.  

Fast forward two months and on Sunday, July 22nd I received at text at 1pm that she was fairly sure her water had broken a few hours earlier and that they were headed to the hospital soon to get checked. 

Around 2:30pm, they verified that her water had indeed broken and the nurses told her she could stay in the hospital until baby Logan was born! For the next few hours Kelsey quietly labored as she conversed with family and friends in her private labor and delivery suite. 

When I arrived at 8pm, Kelsey’s room was one big party! You’d hardly even know that the women in the bed was doing the greatest work of her life. There were as many family and friends as you could fit in the room there to cheer her on; excited to help welcome baby Logan in the world. They chatted and carried on as Kelsey quietly powered through her labor. 

Around 10pm the nurses began a pitocin drip to help move the laboring process along. And by 10:30pm Kelsey’s contractions had definitely intensified. By 11pm a surreal hush had fallen over the entire room. Witnessing a women in labor is something you can’t help but respect. She’s literally fighting for her baby’s life and it’s a painfully sweet and amazingly awe inspiring process. 

No one spoke. 

They held her hand.


They stroked her head.

But no one spoke. 

Kelsey was so strong. She hardly even broke a sweat as she road each and every increasingly painful contraction. 

At one point Kelsey asked if the pitocin could be slowed down.

"Can we slow it down?!"

A mom that was confident in her ability to bring forth life suddenly feeling, for the first time, like maybe she can’t do it, is a sure fire sign that the baby is almost here! Despite her plea for relief, Kelsey’s mom coached her through the pain telling her how strong and how capable she was. She just needed to keep breathing and hold on for a little bit longer.

At 12:35am, after what felt like forever, the Kelsey's doctor arrived and it was finally time to start pushing. Ten powerful minutes later, at 12:54am, Logan Dean Walker was brought into this world by his fearless mother. Surrounding him, a village of all the people who love him the most. You couldn’t ask for a better love story. 

Weighing in at 7 pounds and 1 ounce and 20 inches long, Mr. Logan was an adorable sight to behold. 

Blessings to this sweet family. Thank you for letting me document one of the best days of your life. It changed my life too.  --Jen



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