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Rylee's Birth Story



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Rylee's birth was a routine scheduled C-section that I am completely ecstatic I was asked to document. At 6am sharp I met Rachel and Lance under the awning at Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center. It was sprinkling a little bit. 

After registering, they were escorted to surgery prep where the nurses administered a medicine that would help Rachel's blood to clot normally. Rachel wasn't too fond of the needles but hubby came to the rescue. A few poke of his finger on her other hand lightened the mood and helped distract her long enough to get her IV started. (Look for this super cute moment in the video.)

It was all smooth sailing from there! After receiving the medicine for about 30 minutes we all donned our surgical outfits and headed down the hallway. Surrounded by nurses, Rachel went through closed doors leaving Lance and his father to make lighthearted (but admittedly nervous) conversation in the hallway behind.

Shortly after, Rachel's parents arrived to wish Lance luck and let him know they were praying for them. And just a few minutes later, we heard the nurse open the doors and call out,

"We're ready!"

"Yay!" said Lance

"Good Luck" Rachel's mom called as Lance disappeared into the surgical suite. 

From there, the rest is history.

Please enjoy the video for the full story.


Disclaimer: Images from the birth itself are included at minute marker 2:57-3:10. But as a C-section, no private areas are shown.


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