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May 10th, 2019

Timing is a funny thing. And I think we often assume that our idea of the “perfect timing” is what would be ideal. But I find myself time and time again circling back to the same conclusion that God just has it all figured out. His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8-9).


A few weeks before her due date, Jada texted me in tears, distraught over finding out that the military was not going to let her husband, Joe, come back home for the birth of their son. It was an infuriating and heartbreaking situation. But Jada is so strong and she pressed on knowing that if it was meant to work out, that it would.


As the days turned to weeks and Ellius’ birth day grew closer, we were all getting increasingly concerned that Joe really was going to have to miss being there for his wife during her delivery. But just before Jada gave up hope, Joe phoned that he had managed to get special permission to leave base for just a few hours to witness his sons arrival! Praise God!


Everyone was overjoyed!

But they weren’t out of the woods yet. The military only gave Joe 24 hours off base to be with his family. And God would have to get the timing just right for Ellius to get to meet his daddy before he shipped off for an entire year…

Enjoy the VIDEO below to catch a glimpse of God at work. Not only the in beauty of the birth of a precious little human, but also in His perfect and irrefutable timing.



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