Model Family Questionnaire


Artist By Heart has a lot of fun things in the works for 2019!

And in order to advertise fun things, we need your family to model for us! We are specifically looking for:

1.) Families expecting a newborn

2.) Families with a newborn

3.) And stylish families with a few young children who enjoy spending time together

If any of these sound like your crazy crew, please fill out the form below to see if your family is a good match for our model call and will be in touch!

*Please be aware that those chosen will be offered a discounted session rate, ABH does not offer free sessions.

Name *
Spouse Name
Spouse Name
Primary Phone *
Primary Phone
If pregnant, what is Your Due Date?
If pregnant, what is Your Due Date?
Please elaborate.
Looking for specifics here! Births rarely go perfectly according to plan. But please give me as many details as you can about how you expect your child’s birth to take place. (Vaginal/Planned C-Section, Hospital/Birthing Center/Home, Medicated/Natural, Bottle/Breastfeed, Immediate Skin to Skin etc.)
No image containing genitalia will be released publicly (facebook/ website etc) without your consent (and even then, typically cropped to obscure the face so that you’re not identifiable).
How did you hear about Artist By Heart Birth Photography? *
Less than one email per month and no spam.
ABH does not offer free model calls.

Thank you for your submission!