Mommy & Me

Portrait & Lifestyle Photography

This session is perfect for big brother/sister’s last few months as the “only child.” When baby comes, you’ll miss the snuggles you once shared between just the two of you.

Mommy & Me sessions are perfectly formulated for crazy kids and the mommies who love them!

These sessions are so much fun that your children might even forget that they're being photographed! This session will be you, in your element, loving on your kids and having fun.

 If you and your children love baking together, then I'll capture you teaching your child how to crack an egg for the first time. Or maybe your kids are older, and enjoy a day at the lake or fun at the carnival.

Even if you enjoy being a homebody (like me), thats okay! Your life is still beautifully and uniquely yours and deserves to be documented! A mama's love for her children is so captivating that the background couldn’t matter less.

Whatever it is that you and your children do naturally together, those are the memories that I want to capture and preserve for you.

While we get to be someone's mother for a lifetime, we only get to be “Mommy” for a short while.