Portrait Photography


    Artist By Heart Photography aims to provide you with captivating portraiture that is both modern and timeless. I use a semi-editorial approach that merges both posed portraits and candid shots, for images that will capture the real multidemensional you.


When someone looks at your pictures I want them to see more than just your smile, I want them to see your heart.


     I will collaborate with you to plan a fun and memorable experience that is catered to your interests. This allows you to come to your session prepared, excited, and confident! 


Frequently Asked Questions

How many outfits can I have?

As many outfits as you want! We want your Graduation Pictures to represent as many sides of you as possible. Thats why we don't restrict the amount of wardrobe changes you can have! Your Senior Portrait Session will be two hours in length and we will try to fit in as many outfits as you like. But, changing clothes takes time, so we recommend picking about 3 outfits for time's sake. If you're not sure what to wear, thats what your free consultation is for! Contact us and we'll be happy to help you choose.

Where will my Senior Pictures take place?

During your consultation we will discuss everything from your favorite color to your favorite thing to do on the weekends. Together, with you, we will choose locations that will bring out your confidence and unique personality. Love the fair? Well shoot when the carnival is in town! Whether you grew up spending weekends at your family's cabin by the lake, you like contemporary clean lines, or you're a true wanderlust at heart, we will find the perfect place for your portraits. A typical Senior Session usually range from 1-3 locations (depending on driving distance), but we will shoot in as many locations as your 2 hour time slot allows.*

How quickly will I get my images back?

Unfortunately, many graduates will wait until around April to have their senior pictures made and this leave us slammed to process multiple seniors' images all at the same time; trying to pump them out by the end of May. Because of the high demand for graduation portraits, the turn around on these images is four weeks. You can drastically improve your chances of getting your images back much sooner (say 2 weeks) if you choose to have your portraits made in the Fall of your senior year or even earlier in the Spring. Simply put, don't wait until the last minute for your senior pictures and you'll get them back much faster! ;)

*Location choices a distance from Poplar Bluff greater than 60miles will accrue a small travel fee.