A Note from the Artist

Why I’m so Passionate About Birth Photography

       Hello and welcome! My name is Jennifer and I am a Certified Professional Birth Photographer. I am the wife of a pastor and a mother of two, and my life is just chock full of fun surprises. As a passionate proponent of enjoying the moment, and as an "Artist By Heart," I feel it's important to intentionally slow down and soak it all in.

Life is too short and love too beautiful to let it pass us by without proper notice. Prior to seeing my work, the vast majority of the women I speak with about documenting their Birth Story didn’t even know Birth Photography was “a thing” or that it was a realistic option for them. To which I quickly reply that documenting your baby’s birth journey isn’t an option, it’s a necessity; for so many reasons (Why Hire A Birth Photographer).

I will forever regret that during my first birth story I didn’t know that Birth Photography was an option for me either. And because I didn’t have those first moments of my newborn’s life photographed I will never be able to remember what she looked like freshly earth-side. I’m certain you’re wondering, “How can you not remember what your baby looked like?!” Well a mixture of ptsd from multiple miscarriages, crazy hormone fluctuations, and major (did I say major) sleep deprivation in the days leading up to her birth all contributed to a Birth Story that passed me by in a hazy blur. I remember maybe 5 key moments of the whole experience, and to be honest at least 2 of these memories are attributed to a picture.


I’ve told you my personal journey because it is my mission make sure other mamas don’t accidentally follow in my footsteps due to being uninformed about the many documentary options available to them. It is my honor to help my mamas have a memorable and blessed Birth Story that they can cherish privately or share with the world. Please do not miss out the thrill and joy of reliving your birthing journey over and over because you didn’t understand the serious implications of not documenting it.

My business, Artist By Heart Photography LLC made its beginnings over a decade ago and I have since become Poplar Bluff’s Premier Birth Photographer.

Being the daughter of a Surgical Tech made specializing in Birth Photography seamless as I practically grew up in the hospital setting. This made communicating with staff, understanding policy, and having proper bedside manner second nature. But I certainly don’t take my job for granted.

When someone chooses to let me into to their private spaces; their intimate and emotional places; that trust brings with it a beautiful friendship which I cherish. I do not take my job as your "memory preserver" lightly. And I thank you for letting me bear witness to the beauty you create. 

As a Christian, I know that God has called me to love the world and leave a positive impact on those around me. So, photography is my way of stepping out into the world, beyond my little family to hopefully bring something beautiful into your life. It is my hope that my art will be a blessing to you and your family for generations to come.

Shoot me a message below so we can chat about your story!

I look forward to meeting you, 
Your Artist By Heart

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