Why Hire a Birth Photographer?

To Build a Legacy

       Can you imagine being able to share with your child the precious memories of their own birth? To show them how mom powerfully and single-handedly delivered her own sweet child into the world. Or how grandma was there the whole time reminding mom how strong and amazingly capable she is. Or how dad held on to mom through a 26 hour labor, rocking back and forth with her to the rhythm of her body. What if you could show your child the look on your face when you saw them for the first time.
Birth Photography is an amazing way to show your children that you loved them from the very, very beginning.


To Heal Your Heart

       There are many reasons a mother might not be able to fully participate in her baby's birth story, maybe because of an emergency C-section or because she wasn't allowed the immediate "skin to skin" that she was expecting. Because of this, it's easy for mom to feel a bit cheated out of her ideal story. And this often leads to exacerbated postpartum depression symptoms. Looking back at their birth images (seeing baby get weighed, or daddy getting to follow baby to the NICU) is an extremely healing process for mothers who feel like they have memory gaps from their own baby's birth. Don’t discount how healing it can be for a mother to be able to fill in the pieces that she missed.


To Remember the Babymoon Blur

       Newborns change so much and so fast that even a week or two postpartum it's hard to remember exactly what your baby first looked like. The "Babymoon" of emotional highs, hormone fluctuations, and lack of sleep make the first few days a foggy blur. To combat this, your Birth Story photography will not only document the birth itself, but also the first couple of hours of your baby's new life outside the womb. We will document all of your little one's sweet details to fill in any memory holes left by that babymoon blur.